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100Pcs Glow In The Dark Stars Moon Sticker Luminous Wall Stickers For Baby Kids Bedroom.

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 Light up your night with the Wonder Stars Super Kit. This glow in the dark kit includes 100 stars, moon and adhesive putty you can use to stick the stars to your walls and ceiling. Then turn off your lights and float through outer space as you drift off to sleep. The stars out-glow all others, thanks to our proprietary Glominite formula.

Our products are the highest quality, so we offer a Lifetime Glow Guarantee that ensures they will continue to glow and glow.

**IMPORTANT GLOW TIP** - Stars require a bright room light and should be *Charged-up* for 1 hour prior to use. Make sure room light is at least 75-100 watts for standard incandescent bulbs, and If using newer LED or CFL bulb - 1,500 lumens output rating is recommended.




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